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Upcoming Patch 3.1

Greetings, just some updates for you!

Please try to recruit as many people in to the FC as humanly possible, no hardcore raiders or arrogant people please.

I know it seems odd, but talk to newbs and try get them in as early as possible (green leaf)
EVERYBODY has the ability to invite.

Regarding some upcoming changes in 3.1:

1. The most important new feature is the possibility to change FC name, please send any ideas in a message to Vega Novus.

 Current submissions;

  • Knights of Ren (Star Wars theme)
  • The Soul Provider (Original)

Obviously, any change in FC name will also mean a change in titles, so ideas for titles/ranks in the FC are also welcome, but they will be themed around the FC name.

2. Also being released is FC exploratory missions, here’s what we know so far

  • We use the airship that has been created within the FC (we are currently working on a second ship)
  • Gear iLVL dropped from these missions is roughly i180
  • Up to 8 people can go on 1 airship, and up to 3 airships per FC
  • There is no limit of loot restrictions on the mission apart from the below
    • You can only go out to a mission once every 120 minutes.
    • A mission has a maximum timer of 90 minutes.
    • So, if you spend the full 90 minutes on the mission, you have to wait 30 minutes to start the next mission.
    • There are other activities such as gathering available on the mission island, you can change class when you’re on the island.

3. Void Ark (new 24-man raid, similar to Crystal Tower) will be introduced.

Wherever possible, if you are planning to go in to the Ark, let people know in /fc chat, it would be preferable if we entered in a party and filled at least half of the party with FC members to help with distribution of loot.

If you have never played a 24-man raid, it’s very fun and fairly easy once the strategy has been worked out (and you’re the minimum iLVL)

It’s a nice “in the middle” of story mode raids (Alexander Normal) and savage raids (Alexander Savage) /extreme primals.

If you need ANY help meeting the requirements to enter this dungeon, let somebody know (loot restrictions for Alex Normal will be dropped)

4. New Furnishings

The new furnishings look cool, I’m going to work on getting them in 3.1 and letting our expert interior designer redesign the house.

That’s all for now!


Kingdom Hearts III no longer running on Luminous Engine

In a recent interview over at Famitsu with Tetsuya Nomura, he has revealed the Kingdom.

Hearts III will no longer run on Luminous Engine and will now instead run on Unreal Engine 4.

Kingdom Hearts 3

There’s been no reason mentioned other than there are some “rendering problems” in development.

Other information to come from the interview is that a new set of costumes has been designed for Kingdom Hearts III and that they’re currently in the process of selecting the worlds available in the finished game.




Final Fantasy XIII – Coming to Steam!

Earlier this week, a few people may have noticed the Steam logo appear on the homepage for Final Fantasy XIII.
Speculation shortly started that FFXIII was going to be released on Steam.


Well, now that speculation is over, FFXIII is confirmed as being released on Steam, on October 9th.

The game can be pre-purchased here for £9.89 (10% off)

Square-Enix have also confirmed today at TGS2014 that the entire trilogy will be released by Spring 2015!

No words on a bundle yet.


Final Fantasy XV Demo, Coming 2015!

Lots of info coming in from TGS 2014!

The most notable information is any information about FFXV!
It’s been a dry year in terms of info for FFXV but now we have a new trailer!

As well as a new trailer, we have a confirmed demo coming in 2015.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be being released in the UK on 20th March 2015, each copy of the game will contain a code to download a demo for FFXV titled, Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae.

As of this moment, I can’t find a pre-order for Type-0, but as soon as it becomes available, I’ll post.

Episode Duscae takes place near the beginning of the game.

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